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Lugana and Botticino winews, Tognazzi Benedetto farm produces great Lugana DOC wines

Tognazzi Benedetto farm
our DOC-DOP zones , our wines from Lugana to Botticino

Lugana and Botticino winews, Tognazzi Benedetto farm produces great Lugana DOC wines

Land, production areas DOC-DOP

These persons production areas of our wines,from the Botticino and Lugana. These territories are always with passion for wine growing where we cultivate our vineyards that allow us to Offer our customers excellent wines.

Botticino DOC - DOP

Il territorio di produzione del Botticino DOC - DOP Botticino - The area of wine production Botticino DOC is a small area adjacent to Brescia and world famous for its marble. The geographical area includes the towns of Brescia and Botticino Rezzato.

On land formed by a happy combination of clay and marly limestone, in an area protected by a particularly mild climate and favorable situation, the vineyards draw their original organoleptic characteristics that make Botticino DOC area of an ecosystem with a distinct vocation wine

The selection of grapes for wine production Botticino DOC was approved by the discipline of 1968 and confirmed by subsequent modifications. Botticino is obtained from a judicious blend of Barbera (min. 30%), widespread grape variety in the world for the positive characteristics of structure and aging ability, Marzemino (min 20%), local variety that makes a vital contribution to color the typical aroma and body of the wine, Sangiovese (min. 10%), the most popular grape in Italy that provides elegance aromatic and pleasantly soft taste and Slave nice small percentage (min. 10%), to add a touch of freshness.

Botticino doc is served at room temperature and goes well with meat dishes prepared very tasty, the pork game. Table wine, Botticino is especially suitable for roasts, game and cured meats.

Among the special types is to be reported Botticino DOC Riserva, a wine Botticino produced in good years and aged a minimum of two years.

Lugana DOC - DOP

Il territorio di produzione della Lugana DOC - DOP Lugana - The Lugana which produces the wines, is a beautiful land adjacent to the southern shore of Lake Garda from Desenzano to Peschiera Sirmione crosses and continues within the territories of Pozzolengo and Lonato. The soil here consists of a varied mix of mainly calcareous clay-rich minerals.

Wine Lugana doc is obtained from a particular biotype of Trebbiano grape, locally called "Turbiana" by the amazing potential of wine, selected for centuries by local vintners. The product specification, approved in 1967, states that the grapes must come from 90% Trebbiano di Lugana. The hue of the color ranges from greenish yellow with mentioned that with the aging takes pleasing golden notes. The characteristics of the aroma and the taste of this product are more than ever closely associated with identifying a delicate wine, fresh and harmonious taste with dry.

Lugana wine is tempting as an aperitif, on fine Italian antipasti and intended to marriage of love with the lake fish, especially whitefish and eel. Serve in a tulip average temperature of 10-12 ░ C.

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