Lugana and Botticino Wines

We have been cultivating our vineyards sincer four generations to offer splendid Botticino and Lugana wines. Enter the Wine area and start enjoying our wine production.

Our Wines
Un calice di Cobio, vino Botticino DOC della Azienda Tognazzi
Un calice di vino Botticino Cobio

Wine Producers since 1920

Since 1920 the Tognazzi family has been synonymous with wine. We are producers of Botticino wine and Lugana wine, having several vineyards in the respective production areas of these two important wines of the province of Brescia.

Our Wines

This is our wine selection. Find the classic Botticino DOC with two variants linked to the vineyards of the area, a Garda Marzemino and two versions of the noble Lugana DOC.

Vino Botticino DOC Cobio

Botticino DOC Cobio

vino rosso Botticino DOC Uve di Mattina, vino Botticino DOC

Botticino DOC Uve di Mattina

vino rosso Garda Marzemino DOC, vino Garda Marzemino DOC

Garda Marzemino DOC

vino bianco Lugana DOC Cascina Ardea

Lugana DOC Cascina Ardea

vino bianco Lugana DOC Etichetta Oro

Lugana DOC Etichetta Oro

A family

 … with wine vocation

We have been winemakers for over four generations, since 1920 we have been taking care of obtaining the best wine from the grapes of our vineyards.

La Famiglia Tognazzi, vignaioli dal 1920

Botticino wines and Lugana Wines, Italian wines

Tognazzi Benedetto’s farm is located in the east side of Brescia,in the DOC area for the production of the Botticino red wine.

This zone is famous worldwide for its marble, used even for the construction of the White House and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Rome.

The Tognazzi family has been a grape grower for four generations, they cultivate their vineyards under the shiny slopes of the Prealps on carbonate – array soil.

The mild climate of this area has been always favourable to the cultivation of vineyards since remote ages.

The farm is conducted directly from the owner, which is an expert grape grower and has chosen, during the years, the most suitable lands. He follows personally all the production stages.

In 1998 the farm has acquired new vineyards in Peschiera del Garda, suitable for the production of the Lugana DOC white wine. This white wine (Lugana DOC) of the lake “Garda”,is having great success in recent years for its taste and aroma typical.

Corporate products testify to the result of a special care of the vineyard, a strict and careful selection of grapes and a constant improvement of technologies for winemaking, convinced that good wine begins in the vineyardin.

The company, in recent years, in his better lands, far from industrial sources of pollution, is trying to reduce the use of pesticides in favor of more ecological methods with less environmental impact. All the wines are made from grapes healthy and this allows us to keep very low levels of sulfites.

Vigne di Mattina, vino Botticino DOC

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